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The existing artists in the agency are former gallery members of the World Fine Art gallery which closed in 2010 after an 18 year run.  With the leads generated by the weekly video newsletter, I find exhibition opportunites around the Chelsea Art District that may be suitable for my artists.  I find exhibition opportunities that do not require an exhibition fee, but also cultivate exhibitions that require fees.

Each artists can choose to participate or decide a given exhibition venue is not for them.  All exhibitions are then promoted through videos posted to YouTube and published in the weekly video newsletter which is sent to over 3,000 curators, press, galleries, artists in addition to the 6,000 YouTube subscribers with over a million views.  The videos are also posted to the social networks of NYC Gallery

Each artists maintains a webpage of current work on its website
Current exhibition schedule is online at

Exhibition Arrangements
- Finds exhibition opportunities for you to choose from.
- Deliver, install, deinstall exhibitions. (separate fees apply)
- Receive monthly offers and you decide whether you want to participate or not.

Exhibition contract signing
- Agency will sign all gallery offer contracts for you and becomes responsible for delivery of paid services.
- Protection from scams, law suits due to experience with the offers.

Artwork Storage
- Up to 10 artworks depending on size.

- Save on shipping artwork back and forth for various exhibitions that you choose to participate in.
Free Exhibitions
- Participte in free exhibition opportunities that come up, like Hudson Guild, Berkelely Gallery, Paul Kolker Gallery held in the past and upcoming free exhibitions like Westbeth Gallery if approved,

3 feet

10 feet
Annual WFA Agency Exhibition
Noho|M55 Gallery every July -
- Artist responsible for delivery of artwork to and from the exhibition.
- Artists who have artwork in storage pay a $35 delivery and $35 pickup fee for unsold works returned to storage.

8 artworks

20 artworks
+ 10 new/yr
Artist Website
- Front page listing
- last name)
- Includes photo of artist, statement, and biography.
WFA Email Address
- (your last name)
PayPal Online Purchase
- Payment button added to your images online for immediate sale.
  (Artist must give the agency notice when an artwork online is no longer available.)

Artwork Submissions & Referrals to NY Galleries
- Agency will provide a list of galleries accepting submissions.
- You decide which galleries are suitable for your work.
- You can submit on your own or have the agency submit for you
  @ $50 per submission plus any submission fees.
Marketing List Research
- Develop a marketing list of potential clients and in your specific style or medium.
- Marketing lists: Photography, Sculpture, or Painting in the area of interest local or national.

Expand on your existing marketing efforts.
- The  agency can handle any of your existing  collector and gallery contacts in the area.

NY alternative mailing address.
- If you live overseas or out of state, you can have your mail with NY contacts delivered to the agency address.
- You can also requests checks payments be made out to the agency and receive payment from the agency via PayPal.

Visa Application assistance.
- Letter requirements can be provided. After you create the letter, I will put it only letterhead with my signature and it send out to the person specified for a fee of $100.
$250 / yr$150 / mo
or 1 Payment of $1,500 (save $300)
  • 15% Commission on sales generated by the agency.  
  • This is not an exclusive agreement and you will own all marketing contact information.
  • This contract is terminable only if the client has proof of services not being performed as outlined in this agreement, with a 30 day notice.  Otherwise this is a one year committment with no refunds.
  • Agent has no decision making power (on art sales, exhibitions, etc) without Artist's express authorization.
  • Independent contractor status.  Both parties agree that the Agent is acting as an independent contractor. This Agreement is not an employment agreement, nor does it constitute a joint venture or partnership between the Artist and Agent
  • Exhibition contacts are cultivated and secured by the World Fine Art Agency.  As such, artists are not allowed to speak to, negotiate or alter arrangements with the presented galleries without the express permission of the agent O'Delle Abney, until after their contract has expired.
FORMS OF PAYMENT  To make your selection:
Click your "reply" button (first), then (you will be able to) type in the form below
and then click "send" to submit your response.
____ $250.00
FULL SERVICE____ $150 per month for 12 months.

____ $1,500 / ONE YEAR PAYMENT  (Save $300)

____ $200 per month for 6 month trial.  Continue at $150.
____ Please send me a PayPal invoice to %Email% for payment.

____ I prefer to pay with credit card:   ___VISA ___ MC ___ AMX   Card Number: _________________________
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____  Not interested in this offer.