Navigating the 
New York Art Scene

O'Delle Abney, artist, curator, and owner/director of World Fine Art Gallery for the last 18 years, is now offering his personal marketing services to artists interested in navigating the New York Art Scene; with an emphasis on  Chelsea galleries.  Get the personal attention your art deserves.  Find out which galleries are accepting submissions and which are not.  Have all your marketing information organized at one source.  Use his experience to negotiate on your behalf.

opening photo
  1. The primary objective is to find you a compatible gallery that wants to show your work.
  2. I will be your gallery agent, present your work and negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Receive video coverage of opening receptions of galleries that are accepting submissions.
  4. You decide which galleries presented you would like to submit to.
  5. Receive monthly reports on which galleries are interested in your art  and which are not. 
  6. Receive notice of exhibitions in galleries and alternative spaces.
  7. Apply to art fairs with the World Fine Art Group.  
    Example: The Artist Project, Art Expo, The Contemporary Art Fair, Scope Art Fair
  8. Potential exhibitions in college galleries and alternative spaces.
  9. Access to all our marketing resources and lists.
  10. 30% commission on art sales.
To receive pricing information, please send email request to