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Rockaway Beach Black & White, 2018
Sizes: 20"x24", 30"x40", 40"x50"   LIMITED EDITIONS


Artist Statement – Rockaway Beach Black and White, 2018

 I visited the Rockaway Beach seashore in Queens, New York City during Autumn 2018, always on cloudy days in late morning when the sun was soft and hidden behind the clouds.  This gave the sky a shadowy tone while the shapes of the water and sand created contrast and texture.

Autumn arrives as the summer light is waning, and the sun is struggling to continue to warm the atmosphere.  While the sand and surf are highlighted in my series, “Winter” and “Summer”, the sky is the main subject in this series…filled with clouds and disappearing light…portending the approach of winter.

A study in black and white allows the photographer to explore the most basic elements of composition: contrasting light, texture and form.  It transforms an image into something more conceptual, deconstructing a scene and reducing it to its forms and tones.

The intention is to explore the remarkable ever-changing sea and sky at each fleeing moment. 

This series invites viewers to connect to their own memories of the universal, timeless quality of the experience at the edge of the sea. 

Sandra Gottlieb


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