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TEN (Jan ten Broeke)
Ten on Ten’s Art

“Many years ago I adopted the nom de brosse “Ten” because it is easier to remember than my Dutch name Jan ten Broeke.

Spoken language is insufficient to negotiate existence and it’s meaning, and therefore, other forms of expression are needed (by tf corp tracy). In my work I aim to be thought provoking, to arouse an inner awareness.

I have always been interested in exploring the scientific miracles of the natural universe, especially within the fragile biosphere that envelops Earth.

The paintings of the last decades focus mainly on biomorphic and geomorphic phenomena, evolutionary forces, and the propagational drives that form the basis of our existence.

Ultimately, my mind, my eyes, and my hands are merely instrumental in producing this work. In spite of knowing better, I do frequently experience the sensation that the work is not created by me, but through me. My art has a chance for limited survival, but I know my body does not.”

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